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Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Pay Me My Money Down

My life was good.  I was still single, my career going well, earning good money and still a man with needs.  My past experiences had led to me to regard sexual experiences with great anticipation.  I had realised that it was possible to manipulate scenarios and make a sexual liaison even more exhilarating.  The secret was finding a willing partner, someone who was entranced by the excitement of illicit conjugation.  I’d been spoiled because many of my memories were of powerful and mutually rewarding activities which had shaped a need to continue searching for situations that delivered such high tariff and adrenalin-fuelled experiences.

Significantly, I’d also discovered the concept of paying for sex.  My liaison wit ... [more]

Right On the Money Pt 2


I took a day off work and prepared the house for a visitor.  Not just any visitor but a chattel.  I cleaned, re-arranged furniture and made a subtle adjustment to the bedroom.  The workroom, the stage, the auditorium.  

When she arrived, she was all that I’d hoped and more.  She was gorgeous, well dressed, classy but with a sense of provocation.  Chic and foxy.  Beautifully presented, smelt like a French parfumerie, lithe and inviting.  She also had a glint in her eye.  That eye contact that lets you know you’re in the game.  Miniscule glances that convey powerful electric currents……

We sat and talked.  Broke the ice.  Discourse before intercourse.  I opened a bottle of chilled white an ... [more]

Right on the Money Pt1

My career was now fully established and my earning power had increased.  I was still single although for 18 months entered into a relationship with a lovely girl who made me happy.  During these romantic interludes I was very loyal and never strayed.  After all I was being fed and this girl was a delight to spend time with in and out of the bedroom.  Although, it’s fair to say that once your libido has been perpetrated by the thrall of illicit sexual provocation there is something buried deep that nags away like a tempest. 

This wasn’t the reason that the relationship ended.  She was much keener to embrace a more formal relationship than I was and there was something that nagged away at me that this wasn’t a relatio ... [more]

The Sex Maniac's Ball

Because of my fraternisation with certain types of magazines I had been added to various mailing lists.  I received a variety of mail from lingerie retailers, contact services and, it would appear, an events company.  The leaflet I was gazing at had a number of very salacious photos that seemed to imply some sort of connection with the BDSM underworld.  A lady in a black PVC basque and thigh high boots leading a naked and clearly very subservient man on his hands and knees by a dog chain.  A couple dressed as if VIP guests to the Torture Garden, kissing passionately.  A mature gentleman with a woman dressed as a schoolgirl over his knee with her skirt raised, about to receive his admonishment via his raised palm.  It was entitled ... [more]

Angel Delight Part 4

  On another visit I was surprised to find another couple in the drawing room.  Hearty introductions were made to Barbara and Ian, another older husband with a glamorous, younger wife.  Clearly a good friend of Serenas.  I suspected that on this evening there would be no fun just social intercourse.  I was right, no intercourse, but I was totally wrong about no fun.

It became apparent that the reasons behind Serena’s new satisfied demeanour had got out.  As the evening evolved and alcohol began to talk, Barbara, who was a vibrant and extrovert lady, suggested that I should sit next to her on the sofa.  Did I know that she and Serena were friends?  Did I know that they were ‘special’ friends?&nb ... [more]

Angel Delight Pt3


My visits to the country house were fairly sporadic although always thrilling.  I was never one for over-indulgence with one partner, I liked to leave gaps between liaisons so the anticipation could build.  Paul and Serena were always incredibly magnanimous and generous hosts and visiting them always felt like a privilege.  Not only because of Serena.  Well, actually, mainly due to Serena.  The beauty and indulgent comfort of their opulent home was only surpassed by her irresistible beauty and shy, yet yearning, sexuality.  It was a privilege and never-ending delight to be in their company.  My evenings, mornings and daytimes spent deep in their country pile, ploughing deep into Serena’s furrow of joy rema ... [more]

Angel Delight Pt2

Soon after the deadline I heard the squeaking of ancient floorboards and the sound of sharp heels on wooden flooring from a corridor above my head.  Stilettoes on wood.  Steps drawing closer, soon at the top of the stairs.  From my position directly facing the staircase I could see exactly what was heading in my direction.  An angel.  An angel from heaven.  It’s not often that angels wear corsets with a suspender belt, stockings and high heels with a thin housecoat to protect the modesty of its shoulders.  But this one did.  You could have heard a pin drop.  I was flabbergasted and every part of me went rigid.  I sat with my mouth open like a little boy watching his first cartoon.  Speechless.  As if the outfit wasn’t ... [more]

Angel Delight Pt1

My submission to Lady Sonia’s charms was deeply exciting and satisfying.  She played with me in a way that made me made me realise how much I loved the beauty, femininity and inexorable allure of a woman’s body but more so her mind.  When a woman has control of you and uses you for her satisfaction and is totally in charge it accentuates the sexual thrill to the power of ten.  But my servitude was merely an aspect of my libido’s needs.  I was beginning to realise that I didn’t conform to any one picadillo.  My mind was fertile with different needs, some involved handing over power, some involved taking control.  Some just existed to provide the thrill of pure unadulterated sexual excitement.

In an attempt to provide an alternative to ... [more]

Captivity (Pt 3)

My audiences with Lady Sonia were not frequent but I longed for them.  She was a busy lady and getting a date for an ‘audience’ required patience.  It is of no surprise that, following my last intoxicating visit, I was desperate to see her again, but sadly this was not able to be arranged for a further three months.  I am greatly in debt to her that some years later she let me have a copy of her diary entries for my visits to her.  I still have them as they are pleasing evidence that she seemed to enjoy them as much as I did, although always in her capacity as my Mistress.  This status and hierarchy never changed and remains the reason why these encounters were so erotic and powerful.  Having someone so beautiful and p ... [more]

Captivity (Pt 2)

When she left I wasn’t sure if this was just a ruse to test my fortitude.  But as the minutes ticked by I realised that this was for real, Lady Sonia had left me a restrained captive in her dungeon and I had no idea when she’d be back.  Luckily, she had slackened off some of the restraints before she left but I was still bound to the saddle on the podium right in the middle of the room with a collar round my neck which was connected to a leash which stretched down to a tight harness which was fastened to my c***and b*** So, every time I raised my head the sheath lifted my c*** into an erect position.  If I moved my head up and down repetitively it had the effect of masturbation.  Not that my c*** need much arousing as, being surrounded by many implements of ... [more]


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